2018 Nissan LEAF EV

2018 Nissan LEAF EV One of The Awesomers Cool Tech Updates.
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The frog has become a prince with Nissan’s redesigned electric car. Its sleek new design speaks for itself, and it packs 38% more power (147 hp), 26% more torque (236 lb-ft.), and 40% more range (150mi) than the 2017 model. A longer-range edition will come in 2019.

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Rain-X 5079281-2 Water Repellency 2-n-1 Wiper Blades, 26" (Pack of 1) Price: $12.72 - $14.97
Rain-X 5079274-2 Latitude Wiper Blade, 16" (Pack of 1) Price: $11.47 - $14.40
Rain-X RX30216 Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 16-Inches - (Pack of 1) Price: $6.45 - $6.49
Rain-X 880001 Fusion Wiper Blade - 16" Price: $10.49
Rain-X 5079274-1 Latitude Wiper Blade - 16" (Pack of 1) Price: $10.81
Rain-X 840003 B16-1 Expert Fit Beam Blade, (Pack of 1) Price: $18.50
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2018 Nissan LEAF EV