Build Your Own Droid

Build Your Own Droid One of The Awesomers Cool Tech Updates.
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While so much of the focus has been on BB-8 in recent years, R2-D2 is still our favorite droid. Now you can build your own 12″ tall R2 unit using this DIY kit which includes all the parts you need, and stickers for customizing your bot. Great for kids or kids at heart.

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 Pic  Title  Details
Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit Price: $42.94 - $88.99
LEGO Star Wars VIII BB-8 75187 Building Kit (1106 Piece) Price: $98.96
Sky Viper e1700 Stunt Drone Builder - Build Your Own Drone Price: $16.84 - $30.93
The Assemble Your Own R2-D2 Price: $29.99
LEGO Star Wars Poe's X-Wing Fighter 75102 Star Wars Toy Price: $52.18 - $63.64
LEGO Star Wars Krennic's Imperial Shuttle 75156 Star Wars Toy Price: $76.94
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Build Your Own Droid