Control VR Motion Sensor

Control VR Motion Sensor One of The Awesomers Cool Tech Updates.
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A set of sensors that provide 1:1 mapping of your chest, arms, hands and fingers. It can be used for gaming, interacting with virtual reality software, motion capture, using gestures to control software and hardware and more.

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PlayStation Move Motion Controllers - Two Pack Price: $58.99 - $99.00
PlayStation 4 Camera (Old Model) Price: $35.06 - $40.99
Bowink Wireless Bluetooth Controller For PS3 Double Shock (Silver) Price: $13.99
Delta Six Gun Controller Price: $1,339.50
Fitian Wired USB Charger Data Cable Charging Cord for PC/MAC Gesture Leap Motion Controller Price: $8.99
Mini Gadgets VRCellPhone VRCellPhone: VR Forus Cell Phone Digital Recorder Price: $87.00
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Control VR Motion Sensor