Control VR Motion Sensor

Control VR Motion Sensor One of The Awesomers Cool Tech Updates.
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A set of sensors that provide 1:1 mapping of your chest, arms, hands and fingers. It can be used for gaming, interacting with virtual reality software, motion capture, using gestures to control software and hardware and more.

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Leap Motion Controller for Mac or PC (Retail Packaging and Updated Software) Price: $60.00 - $70.30
Playstation 3 Move Motion Controller Price: $31.00 - $39.99
WiFi Wireless Video Intercom Doorbell Wireless Doorbell Mobile Phone APP Remote Control Unlock Remote Monitoring Price: $159.99
Great Planes RealFlight RF-8 RC Radio Control Simulator Software DVD Only Price: $99.99
Antaivision 1080P WiFi Wireless Home Camera with Bracket,Full View Fisheye Panoramic IP Cam For Remote Home Surveillance With NightVision, Motion Detection 2-Way talking for Iphone,Android and iOS Price: $55.99
Captoglove 1.0 Pair Large Video Game Case - PC/ Mac/ Linux Price: $388.08 - $490.00
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Control VR Motion Sensor