Death Ray Drone

Death Ray Drone One of The Awesomers Cool Tech Updates.
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If you think Jaimie Mantzel’s Attacknids are cool, check out what DIY Laser Guy did to the toy robot. He attached a 5W blue laser to a Stryder Attacknid and made it so he could fire the blinding beam via remote. Pew pew at 1:05.

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Halloween Death Drone Ray Price: $0.99
Blue Stingray Aquarium Fish Tank Landscape Decoration Glow Simulation Animal Plants Ornament no.21 Price: $4.90
Beautifulseason Cushion Covers Of Oil Painting Jean Francois Pierre Peyron - The Death Of Socrates For Home Office Monther Floor Pub Birthday Lounge 18 X 18 Inches / 45 By 45 Cm(double Sides) Price: $12.99
SAXON Men's Fashion HIVE MIND Bulb Raglan Tri-bend Price: $25.13
ARMAN HUGO The Legend Of Korra Unisex One Size Comfortable Canvas Bag Storage Bag Hiking Mountaineering Daypacks Retro Price: $25.76
Winter's Secret Europe Exotic Style 22.44" Eagle Pattern Hollow out Skull Bone Pendant Men Necklace Price: $15.99
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Death Ray Drone