LED Pixel Costume Light Show

LED Pixel Costume Light Show One of The Awesomers Cool Tech Updates.
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A demonstration of four incredible LED-illuminated costumes created by high tech scenery and costume makers Stigma for EKRAN. While there’s more standing around and posing than dancing here, the costumes are the real star of the show.

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GloFX Space Whip Pro [ PROGRAMMABLE LED Fiber Optic Whip ] 6 Ft 360° Swivel - Super Bright Light Up Rave Toy | EDM Pixel Flow Lace Dance Festival Price: $69.95
LED Fiber Optic Whip by State of Flow | Bonus E-Book | 5 FT Fiber Optic Light Whip Rave Whip w/ 360° Radial Swivel | Dance / Party Favor / EDM / Light Shows | Warranty Included Price: $69.97
EmazingLights eLite Flow Rave Poi Balls - Spinning LED Light Toy (Set of 2) Price: $29.95
Light Up Flashing Pixel Sword In The Style Of Minecraft - Tons of fun for that next big party! Price: $9.99
GloFX Space Whip Pro [LED POI SET] – TWO 3 Ft 360° Swivel Fiber Optic Whips with Double Loop Handles - Programmable LED Light Up Glow Rave Toy Pixel Flow Lace | Lifetime Warranty Price: $189.97
El Wire Glow Sun Glasses Multicolor Led Frame Flashing Glasses (Blue) Price: $14.80
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LED Pixel Costume Light Show