Satechi Slim Wireless Mac Keyboard

Satechi Slim Wireless Mac Keyboard One of The Awesomers Cool Tech Updates.
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Satechi’s Slim Wireless Keyboard looks a lot like Apple’s Magic Keyboard, but costs a lot less. It’s also made from aluminum and has chamfered edges for a premium look. Even better, it recharges via USB-C and has shortcut buttons for switching between Bluetooth devices.

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Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keyboard with 4-Device Sync for Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, and iOS Devices (White (Mac)) Price: $54.99
Satechi Aluminum Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard with Numeric Keypad & 3-Device Sync - iMac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro/Air, MacBook, iPhone XS Max/XS/XR, iPad Pro, iOS and MacOS Devices (Space Gray) Price: $74.99
Satechi Slim Aluminum Bluetooth Wireless 18-Key Keypad Keyboard Extension for Excel Numbers Data Entry for 2017 iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Dell, Lenovo and more (Space Gray) Price: $39.99
Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter V2-4K HDMI (30Hz), Gigabit Ethernet, USB-C Pass-Through, SD/Micro Card Readers, USB 3.0 Ports for 2016/2017 MacBook Pro, 2015/2016/2017 MacBook and more (Silver) Price: $79.99
Satechi Portable Bluetooth Wireless 20-Key Keypad Keyboard Extensions for Data Entry in Excel and Numbers for Smartphones, Tablets, Surface Pro, Windows, OSX Price: $29.95
Satechi Bluetooth Rechargeable Wireless Pointer and Remote Control for Keynote Presentations Price: $26.00 - $29.99
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Satechi Slim Wireless Mac Keyboard