Scorpion Hexapod

Scorpion Hexapod One of The Awesomers Cool Tech Updates.
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A team or engineers from the UGent Campus Kortrijk and Industrial Design Center developed this creepy, yet endearing six-legged robot which looks like a giant scorpion, complete with pincers and a whip tail. They’d sell a million of these to 12-year-old boys if they retailed them.

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 Pic  Title  Details
Retro Metal Wind Up Robot Mechanical Clockwork Vintage Walking Tin Robot Toy Gift Price:
Real Black Scorpion Paperweights Specimen for Science Education Paperweight for book for office for desk(4.4x1.6x1.1") Price: $10.89
Retro Metal Wind Up Vintage Rotated Airplane Metal Tin Toy Adult Collectible Gift Price:
Gift Box with a Magnifying Glass Price: $10.47
Amber Sterling Silver Oval Classic Ring Price: $19.78
Multicolor Amber Sterling Silver Squares Design Ring Price: $19.78
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Scorpion Hexapod