Snapmaker 3D Printer

Snapmaker 3D Printer One of The Awesomers Cool Tech Updates.
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A bargain-priced, compact 3D printer made primarily from sturdy metal components. It not only can print PLA, PVA, ABS and Nylon, but offers modules for carving and laser engraving. Our main concern is the lack of an enclosure for containing noise, odors, and debris.

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Snapmaker 3D Printer Laser Engraver CNC Carver Fully Metal Frame Structure DIY Desktop Self Assembly Heated Build Plateform Work with PLA and ABS Price: $848.12
Monoprice 115365 Select Mini 3D Printer with Heated Build Plate, Includes Micro SD Card and Sample PLA Filament Price: $165.99 - $199.99
da Vinci mini Wireless 3D Printer-6"x6"x6" Built Volume (Includes: $14 300g PLA Filament, $49 STEAM 3D Design Tutorial eGift Card – Must Register Product, $10 Maintenance Tools, XYZmaker CAD Software) Price: $159.99 - $198.95
Panowin F1 3-Axis Self-Assembled 3D Printer Kit with Laser Kit Price:
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Snapmaker 3D Printer