The Ethics of AI

The Ethics of AI One of The Awesomers Cool Tech Updates.
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Artificial intelligence isn’t just powering robots, it’s already making decisions about our credit, work, insurance, safety, and other important aspects of our lives. Dress Code and HPE interviewed experts about some of the issues raised when algorithms wield such power.

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Towards a Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence: Foundations, Theory, and Algorithms) Price: $56.29 - $39.66
Robot Ethics 2.0: From Autonomous Cars to Artificial Intelligence Price: $30.00 - $35.36
The Machine Question: Critical Perspectives on AI, Robots, and Ethics (The MIT Press) Price: $19.50 - $21.88
Artificial Intelligence: Evolution, Ethics and Public Policy Price: $39.95
Ai Price: $2.48 - $29.97
AI ETHICS: A Research Report on Future of Life Institute's Annual Report 2016 Price:
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The Ethics of AI