The Philosophy of VR

The Philosophy of VR One of The Awesomers Cool Tech Updates.
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Wisecrack looks at the power of virtual reality. VR is a step up from other forms of fiction, further crossing the gap between knowledge and experience. Aside from being a platform for games and films, it may be an effective therapeutic and social tool as well.

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Building Virtual Reality with Unity and Steam VR Price: $35.28 - $41.50
The VR Book: Human-Centered Design for Virtual Reality (ACM Books) Price: $84.99 - $99.10
philosophy amazing grace spray fragrance 2 fl oz (60 ml) Price: $59.99
Design in Reading& Myreadglab Acc Crd CC VR Price:
Beyond Plato's Cave (The Philosophy Club - Book One) Price: $10.95
Virtual Reality Filmmaking: Techniques & Best Practices for VR Filmmakers Price: $47.96 - $41.73
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The Philosophy of VR