The Third Thumb Project

The Third Thumb Project One of The Awesomers Cool Tech Updates.
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Dani Clode’s concept for a motorized prosthetic thumb that’s controlled via pressure sensors on the user’s feet. Like the MetaLimbs, Dani hopes that we will one day consider advanced prosthetics for able-bodied people in the same way we treat eyeglasses and jewelry.

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HVAC Equations, Data, and Rules of Thumb, Third Edition Price:
From Nails to Thumbtacks Price: $1.29
Crazepony Soldering Station Tool with 7pcs Helping Hands ,Third Pana Hand(7 Arms,Non-slip Aluminum Base,Built in Trays,Heat Resistant covers,360 Degree Swiveling Clips,Brushless DC Fan) --- Black Price: $35.98 - $39.89
Mcbazel Jelly ProCap Silicone Thumb Grip Analog Thumbstick Cap for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pro Controller Skull Finger Price: $3.99
QuadHands Deluxe WorkBench Helping Hands Third Hand System - Magnetic Mount Arms Can be Positioned Anywhere - Ultimate Flexibility Price: $59.95
Gam3Gear Project Design 14 in 1 Removable Thumb Stick for PS4 Xbox One Controller Black Price: $12.26
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The Third Thumb Project