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We’re so used to hearing computers sound like Siri and Alexa, but the earliest days of synthesized vocals dates back all the way to 1939, and Homer Dudley’s invention, which combined buzzes and hisses with varying intonations to produce humanoid voices.

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Urgeschichte der Arier in Voder- und centralasien : historisch-geographische Untersuchungen über der (German Edition) Price: $110.93 - $33.99
Photo: World's Fair,American Telephone & Telegraph Company. Voder room,detail III Price: $14.99
Exigent, Vol. 1 Price: $7.99
Voder Price: $0.99
The Voder Price: $0.99
Popular Mechanics Magazine March 1939 (The City of Tomorrow by Industrial Designer Henry Dreyfuss, PT Boats and Warships, Portable Radio Receivers, Cattle Theft, Clocks, VODER Electric Voice with a Keyboard Really Talks, Phonograph Records, Old Ships Converted Into Fast Ocean Liners) Price:
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